Welcome to CED Promotional products website!


DSS is working to coordinate our promotional items into one user friendly program. The purpose of this website to allow all CED and Dba’s to design their own promotional items ( shirts, hats, cups, pens….etc. ). The website will eventually have all CED Profit Center logos. Through the website the Profit Centers would place their logo on promotional products and can also add vender logos to utilize co-op dollars. This website will also calculate your cost in real-time, no waiting on quotes or proofs. The PC can forward the design to vendor for approval. This program will maximize the visibility of your brand and can be used to show the Partnerships we value.


How it works:

  1. Shop for product by using the navigation bar at the top.
  2. After you have reviewed products and selected the product number that best fits your needs select “Designer Tool” from the navigation bar.
  3. Once in the Designer Tool screen click product dropdown screen and select the product category. Select the design with the proper product number.
  4. The image will load. If product requires side and back views they will show in the navigation tools below the outline. The available colors will also be shown below the image. Select your color.
  5. Now you’re ready to select and position logo(s). First select the view desired from the navigation tool below outline. Click on design tab. Stock Logos will be shown. Select the logo. If your logo does not appear you can upload your logo by clicking the “Upload Image” tab. (** Images will need to be in a vector format that has no background).
  6. Selected logo will be place on product. Use the tool to re-size and place logo to desired location.
  7. If you want to add Text select the Text tab. Select view desired from navigation tool below outline. Enter your text in the box. Click on new text to place text on product. Once text is on product you re-size and change font and color. Move text to desired location.


** Most vendors will have their logo in a vector file. If this presents a problem please contact for assistance. orders@diversesupplysolutions.com or